About Murat's Infographics Work. 

With the increasing popularity of data visualization, I have been involved in creating infographic features to help organizations communicate complex information in colorful, interesting and user-friendly way.

OSCE/Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)

Women's role in politics

With the gender unit, I helped them with promoting their gender compendium publication, illustrating the progress of women's role in politics in the past 20 years. This infographic visual turned a highly dense publication into an attractive promotional tool.

                                                          View the infographic on the Compendium of Good Practices for                                                                 Advancing Women’s Political Participation in the OSCE Region

Educating on Roma and Sinti genocide

Working to promote the recognition of the Roma and Sinti genocide in the OSCE member states, ODIHR published a report on its commemoration and education. I created a feature story, combining background information, quotes and infographic.

View the infographic on Roma and Sinti genocide - Education and Commemoration

300 ODIHR Election Observation Missions

The 2015 local elections in Ukraine was ODIHR's 300th mission to observe an election. In connection to this, I worked with the election department to put together an infographic on ODIHR's efforts in election observation.

                                                          View the infographic on 300 ODIHR Election Observation Missions

Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2015

Every year, ODIHR organizes the biggest human rights conference in Europe. To create energy around the event before it started, I used the agenda to make an infographic on the event.

                                                          View the infographic on Human Dimension Implementation Meeting                                                           2015 (Scroll down to the bottom of the page)

ODIHR in Ukraine

The office has started a big cross-departmental project on strengthening the capacity of civil society in Ukraine. To capture all these efforts, I developed an infographic, summarizing the project.

                                                          View the infographic on ODIHR in Ukraine (Scroll down to the                                                                      bottom of the page)

Remembering the Holocaust

One of the issues that the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department of ODIHR within the context of anti-Semitism is monitoring States involvement in commemorating the Holocaust across the OSCE region. In cooperation with the OSCE Secretariat, I used their report with various calendar information to build an infographic feature in the form of a timeline, illustrating which country commemorates the Holocaust when.

View the infographic on remembering the Holocaust

Ukraine's 2014 early parliamentary elections in numbers

Working off of the Elections Department's highly technical report, I developed this infographic to capture ODIHR's recommendations for the authorities in Ukraine.

View the infographic on 2014 early parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Cross-border mobility in the OSCE region

This feature is based on the report developed by the Democratization Department, as part of their work in freedom of movement, to illustrate the current situation of freedom for travelers in the OSCE region.

View the infogropahic on cross-border mobility

Ukraine’s 2014 early presidential election in numbers

After the Presidential election in May 2014 in Ukraine, the Elections Department's final report on their observation of the elections were very much in the focus of media. This infogrpahic was developed to summarize those findings.

View infographic on 2014 early presidential elections in Ukraine